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The first step is booking your introductory call with our team, then we work within the 30-day timeframe for onboarding. This means a 2-week trial with onboarding, then onto your paid subscription, with a further 2 weeks of customisations and onboarding services included.

You have a few options:

Data can be loaded in bulk via *.csv formatted files or an integration setup to schedule the import, refresh of workspaces and repeat. Contact us to discuss the different options.

Yes, our customer service team are with you every step of the way during the process, and we are here to support you. Support options include live chat, Help Guides, email , phone, video-call and in-product ticketing.

Currently, the Rock-IT web interface is available in 7 languages inc. English: French, Arabic, German, Latvian, Spanish and Romanian.

Note that custom field names in tables will stay in the language they were created in to ensure cross-compatibility between tables and dashboards referencing them.

The Rock-IT mobile app is only available in English at the moment.

We are working on integrating more languages in the future.

Images are compressed in the Rock-IT app before being synched to the cloud in order to save space on the device as well on the cloud server. The algorithm is very sophisticated and the picture quality remains high.

The product development roadmap will offer the option of sending the original image in future releases.

The data transfer rates of normal internet connections supplied at remote sites via traditional satellite connectivity (and especially via modern StarLink type satellites) are sufficient to upload the data to the cloud or work directly on the ROCK-IT platform.

Yes, it was designed with that purpose in mind so people can access reports and documents offline and collect data while they are away from an internet connection – e.g. at drill sites, mining operations, remote exploration camps, soil sampling or field mapping. Once you are within internet connectivity synching to the cloud can be initiated.

Rock-IT offers a solution system tiered in bundles: Essentials Pack, Explorers Pack, Advanced Drilling Pack as well as a bundle for Field Service Providers. The bundles are designed to fit general groups at different stages in their project’s development or service offerings.

For more information, please see and select the package containing the modules of interest, then click on the monthly or annual subscription pricing.

With field crews spending up to 25% of their time on data management, the ROCK-IT data handling cost savings are real and will deliver a significant ROI.

No. Rock-IT’s pricing model is designed around the number of active user accounts. This also means, if you are on a monthly subscription plan you can pause and re-activate when needed again or scale up to subscribe to additional workspaces on demand.

No. Rock-IT’s pricing model is transparent from the start and therefore also published on the website. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to budget ahead of time. There are options to increase storage limits and additional resources for enterprise grade usage.

Rock-IT web interface is available for use from any device with internet connectivity.

The ROCK-IT Mobile app can be installed on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad) and Android platforms as well as the macOS operating system. Rock-IT mobile application for offline usage is not available on the Windows OS platform at this time.

Yes. ROCK-IT uses fully Encrypted Data Storage and Transmission. Revision history, access management and meticulously designed permission controls enable data and platform security at every level. Auto Scaling setup for minimal downtime and high availability with frequent backups & built-in redundancies.

Your data is yours. ROCK-IT does not sell or rent any customer information or data provided to the service. At any time, you may export data from ROCK-IT to CSV files or delete your entire data sets from ROCK-IT forever.

We are SOC 2 Type 2, ISO, and GDPR certified.

We have designed a comprehensive suite of workspaces for immediate use from Day 1 of your ROCK-IT deployment.  The proven field operation workflow solutions on ROCK-IT are based on our client partnerships and 25 year history of delivering data solutions to the resources sector.

In addition, Rock-IT has a low code base with pre-defined widgets to allow you to customise further with worksheet designs, reports and dashboards, integrity checks and approval chains with notifications.

As part of the onboarding process your current workflows are analysed, objects configured and data migrated to your ROCK-IT instance for the agreed package of workspaces.

ROCK-IT offers a robust framework that centralises technical and financial field operational data. It has sophisticated database administration tools for validation, corrections and integrity checks to ensure clean data is available for stakeholders. Notifications and scheduled data actions are deployed for approval chains and escalations via the platform, email or WhatsApp.

Compliance to local regulations can be managed on ROCK-IT via document controls, mobile data capture forms, dashboards and reminders to simplify reporting workflows.

Drilling metrics such as penetration rates, bit wear, RPM, temperatures, fluid consumption, mud properties and water pressures can all be managed on ROCK-IT.

Budgets can be forecast and accurate costs tracked via the contracts, DDR digital plods and invoicing tools for drilling progress, equipment, consumables, personnel and related activities.

ROCK-IT drilling analytics offer measurable insights into sub-surface conditions, assets, performance and costs for both service providers and resource companies.

You can integrate Rock-IT directly with a wide range of APIs for immediate and simple data transfer. This could be MS SQL server, PostgreSQL, Xero, Pronto, SharePoint, or an SFTP server among many other options. Machine generated data, equipment sensors, GPS trackers can all stream information into your ROCK-IT online workspace.

ROCK-IT is an agnostic platform for managing a wide range of data sources, mobile applications and dashboards from a single, secure online repository. ROCK-IT tools can centralise data from multiple technologies for digital transformation initiatives and the Internet of Things (IoT), for greater connectivity, collaboration and optimisation of operations.

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