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Rock-IT offers a complete digital workspace for geologists, drillers and explorers to capture, manage and visualise data for all field programs and related information.

Rock-IT is a complete Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool that pulls in operational data from virtually any source and loads it into a single source of truth for all your mining operations

How Does Rock-it Work?

Rock-IT is built on Grid’s no-code/low-code engine
granting the flexibility needed to configure our existing modules.

No-Code Worksheet

Enable seamless data gathering from mobile or web applications and source data from other software and devices using integrations.

Build your own mobile apps in minutes not months.

Workflow Automation

Automate typical business processes using data links, approval flows, notifications and reminders.

Create a personalised reminder for your entire team.

Dashboard Builders

Track and visualise all of your data with dashboards, custom reports and widgets.

Create meaningful analytics and reports with live editable dashboards.

Team & Access Management

Deliver a personalised app experience for your users and ensure data security through group memberships and granular permissions.

Each application is personalised for the end-user.

Ready to change the way
your business handles data?

Why we're

Here’s why you can trust us

Earning and keeping the trust of our users is our top priority, so we hold ourselves to the highest privacy and security standards.

Product Security

Revision history, access management and meticulously designed permission controls enable data and platform security at every level.

Network & System Security

Fully Encrypted Data Storage and Transmission. We are SOC 2 Type 2, ISO, and GDPR certified.

Service Reliability and Durability

Auto Scaling setup for reduced down time and high availability setup with frequent backups & built-in redundancies.

Application Security

Development and launch best practices ensure uptime and launch don’t impact your work. We check and time our releases for minimum downtime and interruption of services.

Data Privacy and Portability

Your data is yours. ROCK-IT does not sell or rent any customer information or data provided to the service. For full details, please review our Privacy Policy. ROCK-IT is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). At any time, you may export data from ROCK-IT to CSV files or delete your entire data sets from ROCK-IT forever.

How can Rock-it help you?

Modern explorers spend up to 25% of their time managing data.
This detracts from the core values of their business.

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