Explorers Pack

From $720 PM

All the Essentials PLUS active explorer task tracking workspaces for site rehabilitation and compliance, core yard processing and field sampling programs.

Workspace SaaS Pack

All Essentials Pack Workspaces PLUS

Rehabilitation & Permits
Task tracking for all Australian Geological Survey compliance and permit reporting output
e.g. GSWA DMIRS / Program of Works Management (PoW)

  • Offline capture of drillhole and drill pad rehabilitation tasks
  • Data storage, due date reminders and live Map interfaces
  • Dashboards for viewing by date, drillhole, tenement, project and ComplianceID / PoWID
  • Outputs formatted for internal and statutory requirements

Core Yard

  • Rapid data entry via keyboard, touchscreen or QR code scans
  • Track all manual, machine logged and sample preparation tasks for each hole
  • Dynamic dashboard, strip log displays for monitoring work progress by hole depth
  • Summary dashboards for all tasks
  • Metrics from drill completion to logging, sampling and storage completion

Surface Point Logger

  • Custom forms in offline mobile app
  • Seamless synch to cloud host
  • Summary activity dashboard and map integration
  • Integrate and transfer to other data sources


The SaaS Pack Services are available under subscription plans of monthly or annual durations and will be auto renewed unless we are notified of changes 30 day’s in advance. Customisations and new workspace designs may incur additional service costs. Contact us for Enterprise level discounts for larger teams.


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Essentials Pack

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Advanced Drilling Pack

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