Field Service Providers Pack

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Field Service Provider’s data handling requires more focus on people, equipment, performance, assets and maintenance. All data types synched from field to cloud. Consolidate multiple systems in this central hub for streamlined operational data and present professional, accurate reports to clients.

Workspace SaaS Pack

Health & Safety

  • Muster Sheets
  • Incidents & Hazards
  • Take 5
  • Vehicle Pre-Start checks
  • Journey Board & GPS tracking

Human Resources

  • Timesheets & Rosters
  • Employee Details – Certifications & Access
  • Induction & Training
  • Document Management

Asset Tracking

  • QR code, bar code or GPS tracking
  • Rigs, HV, LV
  • Office Equipment
  • Camp Equipment

Stocks & Inventory

  • Manage all Inventory Items Rigs, HV, LV
  • Fuel, Instruments, PPE, Rig & Mechanical
  • Stock In
  • Stock Out
  • Warehouse tracking


  • Schedule Maintenance & Activities for each asset
  • Service Ticketing – Raise, Resolve, Track
  • Automate Data Flow and Notifications
  • Dashboards deliver valuable insights
  • Structured data for advanced Machine Learning e.g predictive maintenance

Manage and track movement of your valuable assets.

  • Despatch
  • Receipt
  • Returns

Camp Management

  • Rosters
  • Accommodation
  • Meal Charges
  • Purchase Requisitions

Drill Program Planning & Rig Scheduling

  • Proposed Drillhole status tracking
  • Rig scheduling
  • Drill Program Forecasting
  • Maps and Status Reports

Drill Contracts and Budgets

  • Drill Contracts Management
  • Daily Drill Records DDR Digital plods via mobile app
  • DDR synch, approvals and notifications
  • Invoice report checks and cost management
  • Dashboards for drill contracts cost analysis
    – Drilling Rates
    – Time Activities
    – Personnel
    – Consumables
    – Equipment
    – Surveys

Survey Program Planning & Equipment Scheduling

  • Proposed survey plan status tracking
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Maps and Status Reports

Hire Contracts and Budgets

  • Equipment Hire Contracts Management
  • Daily Shift Activity Captured via mobile app
  • Daily Shift Activity synch, approvals and notifications
  • Data streamed and files synched from field to cloud
  • Invoice report generation then synch to your accounting software
  • Dashboards for hire contracts cost analysis
    – Multiple Rates
    – Time Activities
    – Personnel
    – Consumables
    – Equipment


The SaaS Pack Services are available under subscription plans of monthly or annual durations and will be auto renewed unless we are notified of changes 30 day’s in advance. Customisations and new workspace designs may incur additional service costs. Contact us for Enterprise level discounts for larger teams.


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